SharePoint, Web & App Development

INFINITELY was founded and started by Tony den Doop to freelance to offer services on a personal basis.

The quality of solutions to continue providing INFINITELY has specialized in providing Web & Mobile Applications, complete solutions using Microsoft
technology and Microsoft SharePoint in particular. INFINITELY does not stop at providing the software, but is actually specializes in providing total solutions based on real customer needs. The mapping of this customer demand is accompanied by a thorough analysis of the process and information flows and environmental analysis. It is therefore part of the skills and service infinitely. All these activities together provide an environment where a solution is offered with the real business issues in mind.

In practice, this will be reflected in the provision of project-based efforts to implement Microsoft Sharepoint services in conjunction with necessary customization, leading to useful line of business applications. Through an extensive experience in the various solutions which Microsoft technology, combined with a thorough understanding of project dynamics, Infinitely hold the key to providing solutions to its customers.

We can assist you in creating an extensible, scalable and reusable Enterprise Information Architecture for your organization based on SharePoint and companion technologies. We are specialized in developing, architecture, planning, design and implementation of solutions built on the SharePoint and .NET platforms. We are at the forefront when it comes to leveraging SharePoint to build line of business solutions. SharePoint inherently has many architectural components that can be used to build sophisticated web-based applications beyond portals.

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Software Architect, Software Engineer .NET/C#, UIX Designer, Lead Developer, Consultant, Business Analist


Waterfall, Agile

Collaboration is founded by Tony den Doop and Chris van Zadel. Two highly skilled and experienced...

Technical Knowledge

SharePoint (all), Office 365, Xamarin, AngularJS, MVC, SQL, MongoDB, Bootstrap, KnockoutJS, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, C#, CSS, Workflows, WCF, WPF, XAML, Material Design, XML


Liberty Global, SHELL, ING, Lost Boys, Sara Lee, Douwe Egberts, KasBank, KPMG, PGGM, Kender Thijssen, Virtual Affairs, Deloitte, Syntens, BagDrop, KLM, SIDN, One Fox, Loyens & Loeff, Schiphol, many more...


"Tony supported us implementing Sharepoint. Tony was able to act as a valuable counterpart on both IT and Business side of the project. Tony was able to quickly assess what standard or custom solution would best the required objective. Tony is an expert on the subject and a nice colleague to work with. We would hire Tony again."

Arno Stoevelaar - KLM

"I enjoyed working with Tony on the UPC project. He's very focussed on the project scope and informs the project manager when necessary. Tony has thorough knowledge of SharePoint and uses the out-of-the-box functionality if possible. Last but not least: Tony is a nice guy to work with."

Jos Walrave - Motiv

"Tony is a very pleasant colleague to work with. His technical skills are extremely up to date and this is also true for his business skills. What I find most interesting is the fact that Tony is capable of turning something ugly inside a project into something succesful with very few words and actions. Tony is able to do that because his project and business analytical skills are mature enough to see what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and what communication styles are the best fit for the moment at hand. It was a pleasure to be a witness of this process several times and I learned a lot from it. If you are talking about a team player, you are talking about Tony. Again, it was very intersting to see how well Tony is able to talk to all the levels within the company to get things going, without loosing himself and the things he believes in. His communication style is very acceptable and trustworthy, he doesn't sell you something he cannot deliver. Tony does what he is saying and even a bit more. Quality to the max. In short; I'm going to miss this guy an hope to work with him again in the future."

Jaap Zwart - Shell